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Department of Maritime Archaeology Report Series

The Department of Maritime Archaeology Report series started in 1974 with the publication of excavation work on Beacon Island. Since then the series has grown to over 300 titles covering a huge range of subject relating to the work of the Department. The series is reviewed in-house, but is not peer reviewed. The objective is to make the information of the work of the Department available to the public.

Title Author/s Report No.
Wreck Inspection Report Glenbank (1911), Dampier Marine Park Ross Anderson and Deb Shefi 346
Site Inspection Report: Cervantes (1836-1844) Philpin, A. 342
Site Inspection Report: Green Islands Unidentified - Miss Phoenix (1949-1961) Philpin, A. & Shefi, D. 341
Dyoondalup/ Point Walter Stone Barge Dearden’s flat (1882) Ross Anderson, Patrick Morrison, David Jackson and Aurora Philpin 340
Photogrammetric Analysis of 4th Century BC Kyrenia Shipwreck Pierre Tenedero 338
Underwater measurements and adjustment of the Santo Antonio de Tanna keelson Yousif Abdul-kadhim Mousa 337
The Kyrenia amphora Project: Creating 3D models of the Kyrenia shipwreck amphorae Hassan Elsayed 336
Elvie (1900-1923) and other sites Whaler’s Beach, Albany. Morrison, P. & Shefi, D 335
Herschel (1908) wreck inspection and Albany area fieldwork 25-29 November 2019 Anderson, R. 332
Comparisons between the different versions of the Ongeluckige Voyagie Ariese, C. 331
Wreck Inspection Report 7 Mile Beach (Dongara) Margaret Ann Anderson, R. & McCarthy, M. 329
Pakington whaling station inspection, Port Gregory 12 June 2018 Anderson, R. 328
7 Mile Beach (Dongara) wreck—Margaret Ann (c.1960) Ross Anderson and Michael McCarthy 328
The Photogrammetric Analysis of the Santo Antonio de Tanna Shaw, L.R. 326
'Diese Flasche wurde űber Bord geworfen: a message in a bottle from the German barque Paula (1886) discovered at Wedge Island, Western Australia Ross Anderson and Christine Porr 325
Broome Aircraft Wreck (BAC) artefact catalogue C. Sims 323
Maritime archaeological analysis of two historic shipwrecks located during the MH370 aircraft search Ross Anderson 322
Jan Steijns Original Zeewijk Journal Document scan 319
Adriaen van de Graaff Journal (the falsified version) Document scan 318
A Translation of the Journal of Jan Steijns, from Document NL-HaNA 1.04.02, inv. nr. 9353 — National Archives of The Netherlands, by Adriaan de Jong De Jong, A. 317
Transcription of the Journal of Adriaen van der Graaff Leenstr, M. & Paesie, R. 316
English translation of the Zeewijk Journal of Adriaen van de Graaff by Adriaan de Jong De Jong, A. 315
Voyage of the Beagle to Western Australia 1837-43 and her commanders’ knowledge of two VOC wrecks Reay, J. 314
The Analysis of a Boiler Safety Valve Recovered from SS Xantho Kilpa, A. 312
Report on ‘International Capacity Building on Safeguarding the Underwater Cultural Heritage’ Anderson, R. 311
Inventory and analyses of archival sources in the Dutch East India Company (VOC) archives in the Netherlands in order to contribute to possible locations and identification of VOC shipwrecks off the Western Australian Coast CIE-Centre for International Heritage Activities 310
Zeewijk 2014: georeferencing a 36-year-old survey plan Green, J.N. 309
Cossack seawall condition survey 27–28 June 2012 Anderson, R. & Bigourdan, N. 307
Uranie (1820) Shipwreck and Survivor Camp sites: Assessment of Cultural Significance Bigourdan, N. 306
The Broome Flying Boat compendium: a guide to navigating the Department of Maritime Archaeology archives and collection M. McCarthy 305
Translationof Relations de Divers Voyages Curieux by Thévenot Bigourdan, N. 304
Beacon Island Interim report on the Department of Maritime Archaeology–University of Western Australia 2014 expedition Green, J.N. (ed.) 303
Southeast Asian and Chinese Ceramics in the Shipwreck Galleries: the Abbott Collection Catalogue J. Craig 302
Wreck Inspection Report SS Franklin (1880–1902) R. Anderson 301
Preliminary Report on Maritime Archaeological Survey in Brunei Darussalam J.N. Green and J. Kimura 300
Databases of the people aboard the VOC ships Batavia (1629) & Zeewijk (1727) Ariese, C. 298
First port in the Northwest. A maritime archaeological survey of Cossack 25–30 June 2012 Anderson, R. 297
Survey of the Solveig (1903) shipwreck site, Point Samson N. Bigourdan 296
WRECK INSPECTION REPORT Dunsborough Unidentified (c. 1920-50s) R. Anderson 295
Flat Rock Unidentified site inspection and artefact analysis Ross Anderson 294
Koombana Bay Foreshore Excavation - Structural analysis M. McAllister 293
‘Butterfly Bay’ Site Inspection Report South of Yardie Creek, North West Cape M. McAllister and N. Bigourdan 292
The 2012 Bunbury Jetty Survey J.N. Green 291
Monsterrollen van de soldaten. Soldate Rol van t’schip Zeewijk Document scan 290
Dagh register van schip Zeewijk Ao 1727 Anon Brussels Manuscript Document scan 289
The Barrel Wreck a preliminary assessment of its hull remains Wendy van Duivenvoorde 288
Koombana Bay foreshore maritime archaeological survey and excavations 21-28 November 2011 R. Anderson & M. McAllister 286
Investigation of a possible 18th century Dutch shipwreck on Christmas Island or the Cocos (Keeling) Islands C. Ariese 285
Zeewijk Journal - translation L. Zuiderbaan 284
The Busselton Area Survey 2009 and 2011 and the finding of the Geffrard J.N. Green 283
The wreck of the East-Indiaman Zeewyk at the Abrolhos Islands in the year 1727 C. de Heer 282
Cape Lambert Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage Desktop Analysis R. Anderson and J.N. Green 281
The investigation of the Cockburn Sound wreck report September 2011 J.N. Green 280
Report on the 2011 Jane Bay wreck site investigations August– September 2011 J.N. Green 279
Australia's oldest wreck. English East India Company ship Trial 1622 J.N. Green 278
The loss of the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie retourschip BATAVIA, Western Australia 1629 J.N. Green 276
The Loss of the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie Jacht VERGULDE DRAECK, Western Australia 1656 J.N. Green 275
Volkersen Wackende Boey Journal Document scan 274
Leeman's Journal Document scan 273
Jonk Emeloord Journal Document scan 272
Pelsaert's Journal Document scan 271
Research Laboratory for Archaeology, Oxford, Cape Andreas Expedition 1969 J.N. Green 270
Maritime archaeological site surveys Cape Le Grand, Cape Arid, Middle Island and Goose Island 14–24 February 2011 R. Anderson 269
How to it Manual No. 3: Arc Map10 in Remote Desktop mode and Landgate SLIP files J.N. Green 268
The Cambria rediscovered. The history, first discovery, search, relocation, inspection and vessel's history J.N. Green 267
Their Majesties' Ship Roebuck 1689 - 1701 Sexton, R.T. 266
Glenfields Beach timber inspection and identification R. Anderson 264
Wreck Inspection Report: City of York (1861–1899) R. Anderson and M. Carter 263
Immerse: Subsea Technology The Chaellenge of Working Below the Oceans Souter, C. 262
Report on background and maritime archaeological survey for a Motorised Submersible Canoe (MSC) or ‘Sleeping Beauty’ lost 1945, HMAS Stirling, Careening Bay, Cockburn Sound R. Anderson 261
How to do it Side Scan Sonar and Magnetometer software and hardware Green, J.N. 260
How to use the Polaroid MP4 Camera Stand, Nikon D700 camera with associated software programs (Camera Control Pro, Capture One, Bridge, Photoshop and Acrobat) to copy registers and make a pdf book J.N. Green 259
VOC Armament W. van Duivenvoorde 258
Shipwrecks 1656–1942 A guide to historic wreck sites of Perth Sarah Kenderdine 257
Zuytdorp: Unfinished business M. McCarthy 256
Site Inspection Report: Government House Jetty, Thompson Bay, Rottnest Island R. Anderson 255
Magnetometer How to do it Manual No. 1: How to create a contour plot J.N. Green 254
How to do it Manual: Coin Photography using Nikon digital camera and Capture One program J.N. Green 253
Cockburn Sound's World War II Anti-Submarine Boom Net: Historical background and site inspections R. Anderson and M. Carter 252
Jornael of dagh Regisrer gehouden in de Comp schip Zeewijk. Adriaen van der Graeff (New Journal) Document scan 251
ALAF Geographe Bay W. van Duivenvoorde 250
A Medical Study of Health and Hygiene on board the Swan River Colony’s Private Merchant Vessels of the Nineteenth Century Ryan, R. 249
The 2009 Magnetometer Search for the Australian Submarine AE1, Rabaul Harbour, East New Britain J.N. Green 247
Wreck inspection report: Bucket Dredge Fremantle Maritime Archaeology 245
Significant values of the Kimberley Region Historic Shipwreck Resource. Volume 1: Located shipwrecks in the Kimberley Region C. Souter 244
An examination of records relating to the position of the Correo de Azia, wrecked 26 November, 1816 N. Erskine 242
1772: The French Annexation of New Holland. The Tale of Louis de Saint Aloüarn M. Stanbury 241
ArcView how to do it manual No. 3 How to create a mosaic from Google Earth J.N. Green 240
Ningaloo Reef, Point Cloates fieldwork report 5-15 May 2008 Anderson, R. (ed.) 238
Maritime Archaeology in the People's Republic of China J.N. Green 237
Rose and Louis de Freycinet in the Uranie an illustrated research essay M. McCarthy 236
Galle Harbour Maritime Archaeological Impact Assessment Report for Sri Lankan Department of Archaeology R. Anderson, J.N. Green and C. Souter 235
Survey of a Greek Shipwreck off Kyrenia, Cyprus Green, J.N., Hall, E.T. & Katzev, M. 234
An underwater archaeological survey of Cape Andreas) Cyprus) 1969-70: a preliminary report J.N. Green 233
Albany Foreshore Project Stage Two, Interim Maritime Archaeological Survey J.N. Green 232
Batavia skeletal research D. Franklin and M. Stanbury 231
Dredge wrecks in Loch McNess/Wagardu Lake, Yanchep National Park R. Anderson, J. Clarke and C. Cockram 229
ArcView How to do it Manual No. 2: Georeferencing CAD Files J.N. Green 227
The landing of HSK Kormoran (1941) survivors at Red Bluff, Seventeen Mile Well, Quobba Station R. Anderson and D. Garcia 226
Report on the 2007 Western Australian Museum, Department of Maritime Archaeology, Batavia Survivor Camps Area, National Heritage Listing Archaeological Fieldwork C. Souter 224
Report on historical archaeological expedition to Middle and Boxer Islands, Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia A. Paterson and C. Souter 222
Report on the wreck of the Sub Marine Explorer (1865) at Isla San Telmo, Archipielago de las Perlas, Panama, and the 2006 fieldwork season M. McCarthy 221
Total Station How to do it Manual No. 1: Simple Surveying Set-up J.N. Green 220
ArcView How to do it Manual No. 1: Georeferencing for Beginners J.N. Green 219
Disturbances at the French Annexation site on Dirk Hartog Island: a report in readiness for the 2006 fieldwork M. McCarthy 218
Aboriginal watercraft depictions in Western Australia N. Bigourdan 216
The Carronade Island Guns and Southeast Asian gun founding J.N. Green 215
Pakington Whaling Station J. Rodrigues and R. Anderson 214
Survey of the Port Coogee Development Area J.N. Green 213
Zheng He and the Great Southland M. McCarthy 212
George Grey’s whalers J. Rodrigues 210
Long Island archaeological survey 30 September – 3 October 2005 R. Anderson, M. Gainsford and C. Souter 209
Cocos Catalina JX 435: A wrecksite in the Lagoon at the Cocos (Keeling) Islands M. McCarthy 208
Finding an ancient land: an illustrated research essay M. McCarthy 207
Albany Wreck Inspection, Terrestrial Inspections and Perth Conservation studies M. Gainsford 206
Alcoa Jetty Wreck Survey Report 2005 A. Moss 205
Sri Lanka 2005-the search for HMAS Vampire (1942) and the VOC ship Dolfijn (1663) J.N. Green and C. Souter 205
Report on the wreck of Mayhill (1895) D. Totty 201
Historic Sites in Shark Bay. Prepared for the Shark Bay Study Group 1986 M. Stanbury 199
Ocean House Anchor (Cocos Keeling Islands) Inspection Report M. McCarthy 198
Gerhard Cannon Site (Direction Island, Cocos Keeling Islands) Inspection Report M. McCarthy 197
Report on the Inspection of the de Freycinet Land Camp, Shark Bay, 2005 M. Gainsford and R. Prall 196
Direction Island Unidentified (Cocos Keeling Islands) Inspection Report M. McCarthy 195
Phaeton (1889) Wreck Inspection Report M. McCarthy 194
Port Refuge Unidentified (Cocos Keeling Islands) Inspection Report M. McCarthy 193
A study of the Hamelin Bay Jetty and the timber trade M. Gainsford 192
Watercraft In The old Fremantle Prison Tunnels B. Coley, M. McCarthy and V. Richards 191
Rottnest Island: Maritime Cultural Heritage Analysis and Management Plan-2002 M. Gainsford 190
The UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage: a one-day workshop held on 23 May 2004 J. Rodrigues 189
Report on the Demeter Side Scan Sonar Search and the Aslan Burnu Site Survey, Turkey, 2004 J.N. Green 188
Wreck Inspection Report. Ningaloo mid-19th century unidentified M. Gainsford 186
Wreck Inspection Report. Correio da Azia Lost: 26 November 1816 C. Souter 185
An Archaeological Study of Zuytdorp Lead Ingots Stedman, J. 184
Learmonth's Beaufort Bomber P. Balalas 183
Fastenings Analysis - HMS Pandora 1983/84 Seasons M. McCarthy 182
The Zeewijk Story C. Ingelman-Sundberg 181
An investigation of one of the two bronze guns from Carronade Island, Western Australia J.N. Green 180
The search for the Correio da Azia J.N. Green 179
Wreck Inspection Report - Maritime archaeological site inspection for proposed aquaculture license Gun Island, Houtman Abrolhos C. Souter 178
Interim wreck inspection report. 19 Mile Broome Unidentified M. Gainsford and G. Kimpton 177
Inspection Report - James Rocks Anchor Report M. Gainsford 176
Proposed search area for the Hero of the Nile, 2003 M. Gainsford 175
The search for the AE1 : Duke of York Islands, East New Britain, November 2003 J.N. Green 174
Charles Edward Broadhurst (1826–1905) A remarkable nineteenth century failure M. McCarthy 172
A study of Eliza Broadhurst's 19th century “LITERARY CUTTINGS FROM ALL SOURCES” scrapbook A-J. Arnold 171
The Broome Flying Boats M. McCarthy, J.N. Green, S. Jung and C. Souter 170
Xantho Gallery: 2004 Revaluation C. Green 169
Vol. 1/2 HMS Sirius 2002 Expedition Report. Prepared for the Norfolk Island Government and Environment Australia M. Stanbury and P. Baker 167
Vol. 2/2 HMS Sirius 2002 Expedition Report. Prepared for the Norfolk Island Government and Environment Australia M. Stanbury and P. Baker 167
The Redemptora M. Gainsford 166
Submission to the 2001 HMAS Sydney II Seminar M. McCarthy 164
Listing of conservators available to assist countries seeking assistance from ICUCH-ICOMOS Underwater Cultural Heritage International Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage (ICUCH) M. McCarthy and S. Cox (comps.) 163
Shallow water search options for HMAS Sydney/HSK Kormoran J.N. Green 162
A study of the life of Eliza Broadhurst 1839-1899 and her interest in the Women's Movement of Western Australia E. Parrott 161
The Uranie Site(s). Report of an inspection and the context of the survivor's camp, wreck and wreckage emanating from the loss of La Corvette du Roi L'Uranie at the Falkland Islands in 1820 M. McCarthy 160
His Majesty's Ship Roebuck (1690-1701) M. McCarthy 159
The Xantho Exhibition Revisited at the Western Australian Maritime Museum J. Gilman 158
A Report on The Rifle: Documenting an Iron-Hull Steamship J. Gilman 157
HM Ship Roebuck: clues to its location and subsequent identification. Utilizing William Dampier's own accounts and the logs of various Captains and Masters of HMS Anglesey, HMS Hastings and HMS Lizard M. McCarthy and P. Godard 155
Department of Maritime Archaeology Visit to Middle Island, Recherche Archipelago, Esperance, 29 April–4 May 2001 J.N Green, C. Souter and P. Baker 154
Underwater archaeological and cultural source management in the Egadi Is. Sicily J.N. Green 153
Shipbuilding and Management (1690) N. Witsen 152
Management Plan for the protection and use of historic shipwreck and associated maritime heritage sites in the Wallabi Group of the Houtman Abrolhos System J.N. Green and M. Stanbury 151
Archaeological watching brief for new Maritime Museum Site-Forrest Landing, Victoria Quay, Fremantle C. Souter 150
HPASS Survey of a Roman Bridge, Maastricht, The Netherlands C. Souter 149
Précis of the wrecks in the ship’s graveyard, Rottnest D. Garratt 148
Saint Aloüarn and the French Annexation of Western Australia, 1772. Report on 1998 Overseas Research M. Stanbury 147
Strangers on the shore. Shipwreck survivors and their contact with Aboriginal groups in Western Australia 1628-1956 L. Silvester 146
The Maritime Archaeological Resource at Arthur Head. A report for the Arthur Head Conservation Plan C. Souter and M. McCarthy 145
Oman Maritime Heritage Project T. Vosmer, D. Agius, P.E. Baker, J. Carpenter and S. Cave 144
HSK Kormoran related documents in the Military Archive Freiburg, Germany. A brief look at the German perspective of the sinking of HMAS Sydney J. Franke 143
Inspection Report - Carley Floats - Pattern 20. DAS Karrakatta 29 July, 1997 N. O'Neill 142
Investigation and recording of post medieval artefacts from 17th and 18th century European wrecks C. Ingelman-Sundberg 141
The Hamelin Bay, Jervoise Bay and Mandurah Shipwrecks. A field exercise linking wreck site archaeological research with wreck trail promotion E. Punchard 140
Report on the Queensland Museum 1998 HMAS Pandora Expedition. 12 January to 28 February 1998 D. Garrat and G. Kimpton 139
The Turtle Bay coin. Maritime Heritage Site Inspection Report M. McCarthy 138
Wreck Inspection Report. (Solveig) (1877-1903) M. McCarthy, D. Garratt, and R. Shaw 137
The Batavia Journal of Francisco Pelsaert translation (Marit van Huystee) 1994 Francisco Pelsaert/Marit van Huystee 1994 136
The Batavia Journal of Francisco Pelsaert translation (A. de Jong) 2007 Francisco Pelsaert/Adriaan de Jong 136
Wreck Inspection Report. The Fascine unidentified wreck Nellie M. McCarthy 135
Preliminary results of an investigation of the human skeletal remains excavated on Beacon Island, associated with the mutiny of the Batavia in 1629. Recommendations for further research J. Pasveer 134
Let's Face It! The 7th Scientific Meeting of the International Association for Craniofacial Identification, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 30 September-4 October 1997 M. Stanbury 133
Wreck Inspection Report Stefano (1873-1875) including the search for the Portuguese Despatch vessel Correio da Azia (?-1816) J.N. Green and M. McCarthy 132
Field Report Oman Expedition 1997 T. Vosmer, P.E. Baker and J. Carpenter 130
Dirk Hartog's Post. A report on the site of the 1616 monument site at Cape Inscription, Dirk Hartog Island and an analysis of historical evidence of the posts erected there M. Gibbs 129
Condon Maritime Heritage Sire Inspection Report M. McCarthy, D. Garratt, and R. Shaw 128
Jervoise Bay Project Report - A survey of the shipwrecks Abemamma and SS Alacrity D. Garratt and C. Souter 127
Report on the probable location of the schooner Klaraborg K. Millar and J. Clarke 126
The Black Cats. Report into the feasibility of locating, raising and conserving one of the four Catalina Flying Boats scuttled off Rottnest Island in the years 1945-1946 M. McCarthy 125
Streeter's Pearling Jetty. Maritime Heritage Site Inspection Report M. McCarthy 124
Shark Bay Sources - A revised bibliography of sources compiled for the 1997 Shark Bay maritime history study D. Garratt and M. McCarthy 123
A Brief History on the Military Influences in Shark Bay Western Australia D. Cooper 122
The Shark Bay Maritime Heritage Study. Presented by the WA Maritime Museum and the Shark Bay Shire, February 1997 D. Garratt, M. McCarthy, S. McGann, and A. Metcalf 120
A report of the 1981 Leeman expedition M. Staniforth 119
Wreck Inspection Report - Linda (20 October 1960) J. Clarke and C. Souter 118
Wreck Inspection Report - Cement Barge (Associated with the stranding of the Greek freighter Tanais) J. Clarke and D. Garratt 117
Final Report Oman Expedition December 1995-January 1996 T. Vosmer, J. Carpenter and P.E. Baker 116
Wreck Inspection Report - The 80-Mile Beach unidentified #1 M. McCarthy 114
Wreck Inspection Report - Edith (1891-1907) D. Garratt, M. McCarthy and R. Shaw 113
Report on the excavation of skeleton SK5, a victim of the Batavia massacre of 1629, Beacon Island, Western Australia M. Gibbs 112
The James Matthews: a dichotomy. An investigation of the James Matthews A. Metcalf 111
Wreck Inspection Report, SS Colac (1886-1910) M. McCarthy 110
Health and Disease on the Dutch High Seas: An Analysis of Medical Supplies from the Batavia, Vergulde Draeck and Zeewijk Eginton, C.A.-E. 109
Report on the Queensland Museum 1996 Pandora expedition, 31 January - 24 February 1996 D. Garratt and G. Kimpton 108
Wreck Inspection Report (Leschenault Inlet Unidentified) M. McCarthy 107
The Countess of Selkirk? site at Cape Pasley, east of Esperance M. McCarthy 106
On the yacht Duyfken (1601): The first European ship known to explore the Australian coast M. van Huystee 105
Geraldton Lighthouses: Maritime Heritage Site Inspection Report P. Worsley 103
Denison Jetty: Maritime Heritage Site Inspection Report P. Worsley 102
Denison Leads and Lights: Maritime Heritage Site Inspection Report P. Worsley 101
Lighthouses on the Western Australian coast and off-shore islands D.A. Cumming, M. Glasson and M. McCarthy 100
Port related structures on the coast of Western Australia D.A. Cumming, D. Garratt, M. McCarthy, A. Wolfe 98
An Historical Analysis of wrecks in the vicinity of the Deadwater, Wonnerup, Western Australia R. Gerritson 97
The Excavation of the Albany Town Jetty D. Garratt, M. McCarthy, and A. Wolfe 96
Report on Boat Wreck, Turtle Bay, Abrolhos Islands P. Worsley 95
Excavated sites on the West Australian Coast. Status report and model for publication K. Millar 93
The Lost Gateway of Jakarta - on the Portico of the VOC Castle of Batavia in 17th century Dutch East India M. Huystee 92
Shipbuilding and Management (1671), Nicolaes Witsen M. Huystee 91
Report of the excavations of previously disturbed land sites associated with the VOC ship Zuytdorp, wrecked 1712, Zuytdorp Cliffs, Western Australia F. Weaver 90
They kept this State Afloat - Shipbuilders, Boatbuilders and Shipwrights of WA 1829-1929 R. Dickson 89
Norwegian Bay Whaling Station. Maritime Heritage Inspection Report D. Garratt 88
Town Jetty, Esperance. Maritime Heritage Inspection Report D. Garratt 87
Castletown Jetty, Esperance. Maritime Heritage Inspection Report D. Garratt 86
Israelite Bay Jetty. Maritime Heritage Inspection Report D. Garratt 85
Eucla Jetty. Maritime Heritage Site Inspection Report D. Garratt 84
Hopetoun Jetty. Maritime Heritage Inspection Report D. Garratt 83
Norwegian Whaling Station, Frenchman Bay. Maritime Heritage Site Inspection Report. By D. Garratt (comp.), 1994. D. Garratt 82
Archaeological Survey of Sites Relating to the Batavia Shipwreck Report B. Bevacqua 81
Ships Registered in Western Australia from 1856: their details, their owners and their fate R. Dickson 80
The Search for Stefano, Austro-Hungarian barque wrecked off Point Cloates, 27 October 1875 I. Warne 79
The Long Jetty Excavation Report 1994 D. Garratt 78
Dutch references to the Batavia, Vergulde Draak, Zuiddorp, Zeewijk and other vessels M. van Huystee 77
Barrack Point Jetties-Maritime Heritage Inspection Report D. Garratt 76
Hamelin Bay Jetty-Maritime Heritage Inspection Report D. Garratt 75
Quindalup Jetty-Maritime Heritage Site Inspection Report D. Garratt 74
Wonnerup Jetty-Maritime Heritage Site Inspection Report D. Garratt 73
Report on visit to the Netherlands 1–16 October 1993 for the Australian Academy of the Humanities J.N. Green 72
Steam Whistles on the Swan R. Dickson 70
A survey of Traditional Vessels of the Sultanate of Oman. The Omani Dhow Recording Project Field Research, 1992 T. Vosmer 69
The maritime archaeological, historical and ethnographic investigation of maritime technology in the pre-modern period, particular reference to Asian built ships J.N. Green and P. Clark 68
Report on a visit to China J.N. Green, P. Clark and K. Millar 67
Historic Sites of the Easter Group, Houtman Abrolhos, WA M. Stanbury 66
Maritime Archaeology in Sri Lanka, the Galle Harbour Project-1993: an interim report J.N. Green, K. Millar and S. Devendra 65
Interim report on the Joint Philippine-Australian Butuan Boat Project, October 1992 J.N. Green, T. Vosmer, P. Clark and R. Snatiago 64
Management Plan for the Historic Shipwreck Rapid 1807-1811 D. Garratt 63
Management Plan for the Historic Shipwreck Hokitika 1871-1872 D. Garratt 62
Management Plan for the Historic Shipwreck SS Macedon 1870-1883 D. Garratt 61
The Coral Bay to Exmouth wreck inspection expedition 5-13 September 1992 J.N. Green, P.E. Baker, C. Powell and J. Carpenter 60
Batavia's Graveyard-A report on archaeological survey and excavations on Beacon Island, Wallabi Group, Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Western Australian Dept of Archaeology, University of Western Australia M. Gibbs 59
Interim Report on the Abrolhos Islands field expedition 4–17 May 1992 J.N. Green 58
The Long Jetty: a case study in salvage archaeology D. Garratt 57
Marine Accidents and Incidents in Western Australian Waters R. Dickson 56
Report on Eight Confiscated Indonesian Perahu Located at Broome S. May 55
From Beef to Reef The Maritime Cultural Landscape of Robb Jetty Wilkinson, D. 54
Memories of Maritime Albany G de L. Marshall 53
Papers from the HMAS Sydney Forum M. McCarthy and K. Kirsner 52
Macey's Wreck: an unidentified wreck in the mangroves at Mardie Station M. McCarthy 51
Survey of Wrecks, Frenchman Bay, Albany A. Boocock, R. Bower, C. Coroneos, R. McKinnon and G. Marshall 50
The Albany Report: the Awhina Survey and the Athena (?) Wreck Inspection A. Dahl 49
The North Mole Dredge: A survey of an unidentified wreck Postgraduate Students 46
The Flamingo Bay Voyage M. McCarthy 45
Historic areas of the Houtman Abrolhos M. Stanbury 44
Japanese Submarine I 124 M. McCarthy 43
Zuytdorp. A report on the situation to date (June 1990) M. McCarthy 42
Bibliography: Books, reports, articles and manuscripts produced and/or consulted by the Sirius Project, pertaining to HMS Sirius M. Stanbury 41
Report on overseas work and study programme New Batavia Project, Lelystad, the Netherlands 11 June –8 July 1990 G. Kimpton 40
HMS Sirius Project. Report on the artefact collection at Norfolk Island 13-26 March 1990 M. Stanbury and G. Kimpton 39
The Carrarang Station Lifeboat relic of the HMAS Sydney–Kormoran engagement November 1941 M. McCarthy 38
Norfolk Island Government Project, 1988 Expedition Report on The Wreck of HMS Sirius 1790 G.J. Henderson 37
A Survey of Sites Associated with Early Pearling Activities in the Monte Bello Islands, Western Australia M. Stanbury 35
Persévérant Survivor's Camp K. Robinson 34
Wilyah Miah an archaeological study of the history of the Shark Bay pearling industry 1850–1930 McGann, S. 33
A Study of the Riverine and Underwater Archaeological Landscapes of Rocky Bay, North Fremantle, Western Australia Cooper, D. 32
User’s guide to Shipwreck Gallery resources: Thai ceramics, a case study J. Craig 31
Zuytdorp 1702 - 1712 G. Kimpton and M. McCarthy 30
Report and Recommendations on Archaeological Land Sites in the Houtman Abrolhos J.N. Green and M. Stanbury 29
Australian Bicentennial Authority Project 1987. Expedition Report on the Wreck of HMS Sirius 1790 G.J. Henderson and M. Stanbury 28
Colonial Wrecks in the Abrolhos Islands M. McCarthy 27
James Mathews Excavation Summer 1974-1975 G.J. Henderson 26
The Survey of the V.O.C. Fluit Risdam 1727 Malaysia J.N. Green and E.V. Gangadharam 25
Report to the Australian Bicentennial Authority on the February-March 1985 Bicentennial Project Expedition to the Wreck of HMS Sirius 1790 at Norfolk Island G.J. Henderson and M. Stanbury 24
An Archaeological Evaluation of Gun Island R. Bevacqua 23
Report to the Australian Bicentennial Authority on the December 1983 Preliminary Expedition to the Wreck of the HMS Sirius 1790 at Norfolk Island G.J. Henderson 22
Norwegian Bay Whaling Station: An Archaeological Report M. Stanbury 21
The Rowley Shoals Shipwreck Site: A Progress Report G.J. Henderson 20
Pelsaert Island a photographic record M. Stanbury 18
The Excavation of the Ko Kradat Wrecksite Thailand 1979-1980 J.N. Green, R. Harper, and S. Prishanchittara 17
Investigation of 17th Century Shipbuilding Techniques and Methods of Recording these Ship Structures J.N. Green 16
Jervoise Bay Shipwrecks M. McCarthy 15
Report on the First Season of Excavation of an Unidentified Wreck at Point Cloates G.J. Henderson 14
Report to the Department of Home Affairs on the April 1979 Expedition to establish the Identity and Archaeological Potential of the Pandora Wreck G.J. Henderson 12
Wreck Inspection North Coast (WINC) Scott Sledge 11
The Dutch East Indiaman Zeewijk Wrecked in 1727: A Report on the 1978 Expedition to the site C. Ingelman-Sundberg 10
Report to the Tasmanian National Parks and Wildlife Service on the April 1978 Feasibility Survey of the Sydney Cove Wreck G.J. Henderson 9
Preliminary Report on the Geology and Sedimentology of Selected Sites Associated with the Wreck of the V.O.C. Ship Zeewijk, Gun Island, Western Australia R.G. Brown 8
Gun Island Geological Thoughts J. Moncrieff 7
The V.O.C. Ship Zeewijk Lost in 1727: A Preliminary Report on the 1977 Survey of the Site C. Ingelman-Sundberg 6
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Elvie (1900-1923) and other sites Whaler’s Beach, Albany.
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