Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

Special Publication Series of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Maritime Archaeology

The Special Publication Series of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Maritime Archaeology. In 1994, the Federal Government announced in its cultural policy statement Creative Nation that the Western Australian Maritime Museum would be established as a National Centre of Excellence for Maritime Archaeology. The Centre was funded for three years and in that time this publication series was established, which continues today. The series has an Editorial board which reviews publication. A number of significant reports have been published under this imprint and the series continues today as a place where electronic reports relating to maritime archaeology can be published.

Title Author/s Report No.
Javanese and Sundanese Earthenwares: Their Domestic, Ritual, and Other Uses Gunilla Friis 23
Ceramics from the Musi River, Palembang, Indonesia D.J. Kitchener & H. Kustiarsih 22
Sail, Steam and Storms Worsley, P. and Green, J.N. 21
The mystery of the missing VOC shipwreck in the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia Jeremy Green 20
Catalogue of Previously Unpublished Data from Thai-Australian Excavations in Thailand Harper, R. 19
Green Seas White Horses Western Australia’s Maritime Heritage between Flinders Bay and Eucla J & P Worsley and JN Green 17
Databases of the people aboard the VOC ships Batavia (1629) & Zeewijk (1725) An analysis of the potential for finding the Dutch castaways’ human remains in Australia. Arise, C. 16
Capes of Sunset Western Australia’s Maritime Heritage between Peel Inlet & Flinders Bay J & P Worsley and JN Green 15
Shipwrecks of the Ningaloo Reef: maritime archaeological projects from 1978–2009. Green, J.N. 14
Report on the 2007 Western Australian Museum, Department of Maritime Archaeology, Batavia National Heritage Listing Archaeological Fieldwork. Souter, C. 12
A Windswept Coast Western Australia’s Maritime Heritage Between the Moore River & the Zuytdorp Cliffs P. & J. Worsley and D. Totty 11
Report on the 2006 Western Australian Museum, Department of Maritime Archaeology, Cape Inscription National Heritage Listing Archaeological Survey. Green, J.N., Ed. 10
Department of Maritime Archaeology, Western Australian Maritime Museum, A compendium of projects, programmes and publications 1971–2003. Green, J.N. Gainsford, M. and Stanbury, M. 9
Laperouse and the loss of the Astrolabe and the Boussole (178 M. Stanbury (ed.) 8
Cultural resource management and underwater archaeology in the Egadi Islands, Sicily. An alternative approach. Report prepared for Centro Regionale per la Progettazione e il Restauro–Palermo, Sicilia. Green, J.N. 7
Abrolhs Islands Archaeological Sites Interim Report Sanbury, M., Ed. 5
Galle Harbour Project 1996–1997. Report for the Sri Lanka Department of Archaeology. Sri Lanka, Australia, Netherlands. Archaeology, history, conservation, training Green, J.N., Devendra, S. and Parthesius, R., Eds 4
The ANCODS Colloquium. Papers presented at the Australia–Netherlands Colloquium on Maritime Archaeology and Maritime History Green, J.N., Stanbury, M. & Gaastra Eds 3
Papers from the Seminar ‘Galle—a port city in history: 15 November 1997, Gall Green, J.N. & Parthesius, R. Eds 2
Maritime archaeology in the Peoples’ Republic of China. Green, J.N., Ed. 1