Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

Significant values of the Kimberley Region Historic Shipwreck Resource. Volume 1: Located shipwrecks in the Kimberley Region

Author/s C. Souter

Year of publication 2009

Report Number: 244

Executive Summary
This report is a compilation of historical, archival and archaeological information pertaining to the historic shipwreck resource in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, retained by the Western Australian Museum.

This report is the first of four volumes. The first volume is a compilation of all shipwreck sites in the Kimberley region of Western Australia where the location is known. The second to fourth volumes contain information on shipwrecks that have not been physically located in the Kimberly region from Eighty Mile Beach to Cambridge Gulf.

The report provides detailed historical information on each shipwreck that is as complete and accurate as possible, depending on the availability of suitable reference materials. Location information for every shipwreck (unless historically unknown) is based on either the known coordinates of the shipwreck or plotted from the best available historical evidence (WGS 84 Datum). Where the exact location of a shipwreck is unknown, an area bounded by a maximum and minimum latitude and longitude is provided. The region under study is divided into twelve discrete areas and the shipwrecks are listed according to their date of wrecking, in ascending order. This report also includes a significance assessment of the known and located Kimberley region historic shipwrecks and compiles the heritage values of each known and located historic shipwreck against the National Heritage List criteria.