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Condon Maritime Heritage Sire Inspection Report

Author/s M. McCarthy, D. Garratt, and R. Shaw

Year of publication 1996

Report Number: 128

In September 1995 a team from the Department of Maritime Archaeology at the Western Australian Maritime Museum travelled to the Port Hedland region partly to examine a newly-reported wreck, the Ketch Edith which was reported lost at Condon in 1907. While in the vicinity the team availed itself of the opportunity to examine the remains of Condon. Officially called Shell borough, Condon was an abandoned 'port', whose inadequate facilities indirectly led to the Edith's demise.

A report, based on a brief non-disturbance visit to the Condon site and on a subsequent search of the archives, follows. This report complements reports by the authors on the wreck of the Edith (1891-1907) and Charles Broadhurst's pearling base at nearby Mt Blaze or Banningarra Creek, as it was also known (in prep.).