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HMS Sirius Project. Report on the artefact collection at Norfolk Island 13-26 March 1990

Author/s M. Stanbury and G. Kimpton

Year of publication 1990

Report Number: 39

Under the Plan of management, HMS Sirius, wreck, wreck site and relics the following guide-lines
relating to the Sirius artefact collection state that:

  • Section 4.8 Arrangements will be made for the site and collection to be inspected regularly by appropriate specialists who will undertake the necessary procedures for site conservation.
  • Section 4.10 Material recovered from or associated with the Sirius shall be conserved, housed and curated in a professional manner which ensures:

(a) its long term conservation and protection;
(b) its consistent and comprehensive documentation to ruling museum standards;
(c) its adequate storage, as far as possible in one location;
(d) the adequate display to the public of parts of the collection; and
(e) its access to bonafide researchers.

  • Section 5.2 Arrangements will be made between the Commonwealth and the Norfolk Island Governments for an inspection visit to the Sirius site and collection once every 2 years by a maritime archaeologist acquainted with the site and collection. The inspection to be followed by a condition report. In accordance with the abovementioned clauses, this report firstly presents a condition report based on an inspection of the Sirius artefact collection carried out in March 1990 and secondly, recommendations concerning some of the managerial requirements for this collection.