Ana Hara

Technical Officer (Crustacea Section)

Aquatic Zoology

BSc., MSc.


+61 (8) 9212 3807


Contributed to a National Biodiversity Survey of marine fauna in Brazil (REVIZEE Project), including field and laboratory work. This resulted on an honours (equivalent) project on age and growth of a small pelagic fish (Maurolicus stehmanni).

Participated in some field trips of the Marine Mammal program of the Department of Fisheries WA. Assisted with deployment and recovery of satellite tags on Australian sea lions. Was also trained to assist with radio tracking, gas anesthesia and tissue collection for genetic research. The interest in pinnipeds led to a Masters project on diet and habitat use of New Zealand fur seals in WA.


Carries out preparation, preservation, documentation, registration, and systematic storage of Crustacean specimens, and maintains them in the Museum's collection.

Responsible for the management of the database system, performing the data entry, modification, manipulation and retrieval for the Crustacea Section.

Liaises with other museums and institutions, in Australia and overseas, dispatching and receiving loan material to and from these institutions.

Assists other scientists (intrastate, interstate and overseas) in documenting the crustacean fauna of Western Australia.

Selected Publications

Hosie, A. M. & Hara, A. (2016) Description of a new species of brooding spider crab in the genus Paranaxia Rathbun, 1924 (Brachyura: Majoidea), from northern Australia and Indonesia. Zootaxa, 4127, 121-134.

Richards, Z., Kirkendale, L., Moore, G., Hosie, A., Huisman, J., Bryce, M., Marsh, L., Bryce, C., Hara, A., Wilson, N., Morrison, S., Gomez, O., Ritchie, J., Whisson, C., Allen, M., Betterridge, L., Wood, C., Morrison, H., Salotti, M., Hansen, G., Slack-Smith, S. & Fromont, J. (2016) Marine Biodiversity in Temperate Western Australia: Multi-Taxon Surveys of Minden and Roe Reefs. Diversity, 8, 7.

Belluco, A., Hara, A., Almeida, E.M. & Rossi-Wongtchowski,, C.L.D.B., 2004. Growth parameters estimates of Maurolicus stehmanni Parin & Kobyliansky 1996 (Teleostei, Sternoptichydae) from south and southeastern Brazilian waters. Brazilian Journal of Oceanography, 52(3/4):125-205.