Work experience and Volunteering

The two program options


Play an important role at the Western Australian Museum. Their ability to enhance the Museum’s programs, events and operations beyond the skill and resources of staff is greatly valued. Through the engagement of volunteers, the Museum is able to extend its reach into the community, facilitating the two-way transfer of skills, knowledge and information.

The key differences between volunteering and work experience

  • Learning and skills development may be incidental, rather than the primary objective of the placement.
  • Volunteers are covered under the WA Museum’s insurance policy.

Volunteering may be for a fixed period, project related work or an ongoing period of time.

More about volunteering

Work experience

Students have an opportunity to experience and explore the unique work environment that the Museum has to offer and in doing so, gain skills from this experience that contribute to their career development.

The key differences between work experience  and volunteering

  • The main objective is to provide a meaningful opportunity for the student to be exposed to the workplace in a supervised and structured environment.
  • Students are covered by insurance through their educational institution (either secondary or tertiary).

Work Experience opportunities are for a fixed period.

For more information about potential work experience placement opportunities please contact our Reception Team on 1300 134 081.