WAM is currently in the process of relocating its Perth collections and constructing new labs and a wetstore. Due to these disruptive processes our access to the collections is unpredictable and you should plan for delays in project processing.

About WAM-TS

The Western Australian Museum Taxonomic Service (WAM-TS) has been developed to provide an efficient way for consultancies to lodge requests for identification and/or registration of fauna specimens at the WA Museum.

An introduction to the WA Museum's Taxonomic Services

The Western Australian Museum undertakes valuable research to collect, preserve, and study the natural heritage of Western Australia and to promote understanding, enjoyment, and conservation of that heritage. As part of this objective, the role of the Western Australian Museum has been expanded, allowing it to undertake commercial contracts that primarily enhance the Museum’s collections and make a significant contribution to the knowledge of the State’s fauna.

For contracts concerning Terrestrial Fauna Surveys for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in Western Australia, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) require that voucher specimens need to be lodged with the WA museum and nomenclature for specimens in reports need to conform with those used by the WA museum (http://www.epa.wa.gov.au/EPADocLib/1850_GS56.pdf). The WAM-TS website facilitates the submission of biological specimens to the Western Australian Museum for identification or registration within our collection by providing guidelines for preparation and lodgement of samples, and spreadsheet data templates for the various natural science sections of the museum. Data on registered specimens become integrated into the museums databases and are available for background research on survey areas.

To retrieve results of a submission, you will require a log-in. If you wish to register, please contact Timothy Moulds: Timothy.Moulds@museum.wa.gov.au