Andrew Hosie


Aquatic Zoology

MSc (Zoology)


(08) 9212 3740


Andrew’s present research is focussed on documenting the crustacean diversity of northern Western Australia and in particular the taxonomy and biology of barnacles. Current projects include describing new species of barnacles from Ningaloo, biodiversity surveys of the Kimberley region, systematics and host utilisation of Australian coral and sponge barnacles; and invasive crustaceans in the Swan River.

Andrew’s expertise in crustaceans has led him to be heavily involved in introduced marine pest detection and monitoring for both the government and private sectors, particularly for the Gorgon Quarantine Project at Barrow Island.

Collections: Crustacea, Worms


Exhibitions and Public Programs


  • Curator, permanent exhibition redevelopment, 2011, WA Museum, Kalgoorlie
  • Mangrove fauna interactive (virtual exhibition), 2011, Woodside Visitor centre Karratha
  • Curator, Permanent exhibition redevelopment, 2010, WA Museum, Albany:
  • Curator, Mangrove fauna display Woodside Energy Ltd Visitor Centre, 2010, Karratha
  • Curator, Darwin & Australia exhibition, 2009-10, WA Museum, Perth & Albany

Public programmes:

  • Speaker, In the Wild West lecture series 2010, sponsored by Chevron Australia:
  • Producer, Explore! Biodiversity Series school holiday program, WA Museum Perth, 24 Sep – 10 Oct 2010, sponsored by Woodside Energy Ltd

Selected Publications

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Hosie, A.M. & Hara, A. (2016) Description of a new species of brooding spider crab in the genus Paranaxia Rathbun, 1924 (Brachyura: Majoidea), from northern Australia and Indonesia. Zootaxa, 4127, 121-134.

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