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The Coral Compactus: Western Australia Hard Coral Genus Identification Guide Version 1.1

The intention of this identification guide is to provide coral identification material to support teaching, research, monitoring and biodiversity conservation in Western Australia. This coral identification manual provides an introduction to the characteristics required to identify to genus level shallow-water, reef building corals. It provides summary descriptions of the most useful characters used to distinguish all coral genera known to occur in Western Australia. This manual should be used in conjunction with other taxonomic sources (see reference list).

Guide created by WA Museum Aquatic Zoology Research Scientist Dr Zoe Richards.

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Octocoral Field Guide: Kimberley, Western Australia

Specimens were collected during the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) Kimberley biodiversity cruises 2015-2016 and are held in the collections of the Western Australian Museum (WAM).

This field guide is intended to facilitate field identification of Kimberley specimens collected from depths of 12-100 metres using visual and microscopic characters. The guide will also aid future field monitoring and additions to biodiversity collections. Locations of fieldtrips are provided below.

Specimens were identified to species or OTU (Operational Taxonomic Unit).

This guide has been compiled by Dr Monika Bryce.

Download the Octocoral Field Guide (32.5MB)


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