Milk Pail


Humanities Info Card | Updated 6 years ago

Registration Number: F3024 & F3025

Location: Syabrubesi, Nepal

Stitch Type: Plaited straps

Collection Date: 1972

Description: A bamboo cylinder with split bamboo plaited bands, a yak hair handle, and a solid bamboo lid. The pail also includes a small handled ladle with a large dish. The handle features a slight curve and hooks around at the end. It is carved from sal wood (Shorea robusta), a hard, slow growing tree native to the Indian subcontinent.

Curator Story


Used in collecting milk, this piece was purchased from a Syabrubesi villager who was using it at the time. June notes that this object was collected in a small Tibetan village north of Kathmandu on the Lang Tang mountain trail. The villagers (originally from Tibet) known as Bhotias dress and live similarly to the Tibetan and Sherpa people.