Education Resources

Nick Cave is an Australian cultural icon whose inspiration and influence span the globe. His prolific body of work ranges from music to film, books to theatre and is a fascinating subject for study. Nick Cave – the exhibition provides a variety of student learning and skill development opportunities in many curriculum areas. Using the education resources provided by the Museum a visit to the exhibition can be followed up with range of activities in the classroom.

One of the core ideas that can be explored both in the exhibition and in the classroom is process – whether its lyrics, a screenplay or a piece of music, this exhibition will provide evidence of the process of imagining, creating, editing, re-imagining, re-creating, re-editing – from the initial inspiration right through to the final product.

Teachers of various curriculum areas will discover that there are many opportunities for exploring this exhibition, and for follow up in the classroom. Pop Culture might include Australian identity and icons or subcultures. Visual Arts / Design might include album artwork, portrait photography or fashion. English might include writing lyrics, screenplays, short stories or novels. Music might include film scores or performance. Performing Arts might include exploring the works of Nick Cave through dance and drama.

Classroom Resources

To assist teachers in introducing Nick Cave to the classroom, we have prepared learning resources that link the exhibition with studies in Media, English, Music, Visual Art and Design.

Education resources can be downloaded from the education section of the website.