1. Coal discovered on the Irwin River by the August, Francis and Henry Gregory.

    Coal Mining at Irwin, c1880.

  2. Lead, traces of silver and copper discovered on the Murchison river by the Gregory brothers.

  3. Wide lanscape of a Geraldton mine B/W .

    Geraldine Mining Company commences mining operations on the Murchison River.

    Geraldine Mine site c1870.

  4. Lime kilns were built at Port Gregory, Lynton Station and Oakabella Station on Bulla River and other locations in the region.

  5. Lynton Convict Hiring Station established at Port Gregory.

  6. Wanerenooka Copper Mine opens just north of Northampton.

  7. Ex-convict Joseph Horrocks opens Gwalla Mine at Northampton.

  8. George Brelsford, a former ‘ticket of leave’ man discovers gold at Peterwangy Hill near Mingenew. Further exploration never realises payable levels.

  9. Narra Tarra Mine opens.

  10. First reference to iron ore is made by Government geologist H.Y.L Brown who records it being present in the Tallering Range.

  11. SS Xantho sinks at Port Gregory with a cargo of lead ore from the Geraldine Lead Mine.

  12. Opening of the Protheroe Mine. Bagged lead at the Protheroe mine.


  13. Many people waiting for the train at Northampton station B/W.

    First WA Government railway opens between Geraldton and Northampton.

    Northampton Railway Station.

  14. Mining display in a museum B/W.

    A collection of rocks and minerals from Western Australia is displayed at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London, including minerals of the Northampton Field.

    Western Australian Display, Colonial and Indian Exhibition.

  15. Traditional homestead, smartly dressed family enjoying dinner around table B/W.

    Proclamation of the Murchison Goldfield.

    Home at Mt Magnet 1897. Emily Kent, Jack Johnston holding Gertrude Kent, William and Gertrude.

  16. 960 new Western Australian gold mining companies are floated on the London Stock Exchange.

  17. Ship in port at Fremantle being unloaded B/W.

    1700 women aged from 16 years are given free passage to Western Australia to ease the shortage of domestic servants.

    S.S Port Pirie, 1898. The ship that carried Annie McInnes and 52 other immigrant girls to Fremantle.

  18. 4 men and a horse working in front of a square brick Kiln about 14ft high B/W.

    The Calligaro family establish the Geraldton Brickworks at BootenalOriginal kiln, c 1929.

    The first bricks produced were handmade and fired in a temporary kiln in the Walkaway area.

  19. 3 men working underground scaling talc B/W.

    Talc is discovered at Three Springs by a local farmer.

    Life Underground – Scaling the talc. Metal poles were used to scale the talc which was then loaded by hand into wagons.

  20. Dongara Brick works started by Jack Morgan, using clay near Irwin River. Bought out by Geraldton Brick Company and later closed.

  21. Iron ore is discovered at Koolanooka near Morawa.

  22. 1964 Oil rig with a fleet of vehicles in the front of the shot B/W.

    Oil is discovered by Ampol Exploration on the site of the original race course west of the Irwin town site.

    Yardarino Oil Rig, 1964.

  23. A seated crowd outside watching the Premier on stage B/W.

    The first commercial shipment of 28,000 tonnes of Australian iron ore from Koolanooka is dispatched to Japan via the Geraldton port on the ship Margaret Maru.

    Western Australian Premier Mr David Brand officially dispatched Australia’s first iron ore export from the Geraldton port, 16 March 1966.

  24. Nickel sulphides discovered at Mt Keith in the Shire of Wiluna.

  25. Heavy mineral sands are discovered at Eneabba.

  26. Uranium deposits discovered at Yeelirrie and Mount Maitland near Wiluna.

  27. Mineral sand mining commences at Eneabba.

  28. Dump truck working in a mine underground.

    Scuddles and Gossan Hill, two underground mines located near Yalgoo open and start producing zinc, copper, gold, silver and lead.

    Loader and Gulf road train – underground.

  29. Road leading to a quicklime plant.

    Quicklime plant at Dongara opens.

    Dongara quicklime plant.

  30. Mount Gibson Iron’s Tallering Peak Hematite Operation commences production of high quality lump and fine hematite ore.

  31. The Geraldton Iron Ore Alliance is formed.

  32. Deep sea oil rig in the ocean with small red ship sailing past.

    The Roc Oil Company’s Cliff Head platform begins production.

    Cliff Head Oil Rig.

  33. Dump Truck being loaded by a digger in an open air mine.

    The Koolanooka mine is re-opened for operation by Sinosteel Midwest Corporation Ltd.

    Koolanooka Hills. Sinosteel Midwest Corporation estimate that 7.5Mt of ore will be mined, process and shipped from the existing pits over the next five years.

  34. View across building site of a new mine.

    Construction takes place at the Karara Mine near Morawa – the most advanced major Mid West iron ore project.

    Magnetite processing plant under construction, January 2011.

  35. The Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre opens to help employers attract, recruit and retain Aboriginal employees.