Online Exhibitions

In addition to the collections and exhibitions that the Museum presents at our physical locations, the Western Australian Museum have developed a range of online exhibitions.

Our online exhibitions explore our research activities and field work so our visitors can enjoy our exhibitions and research in new and engaging ways.

  • Aboriginal Advancement Council banner ‘Let Us Advance Together!” displayed on a truck at the Labour Day procession, Perth 1966 Image courtesy State Library of Western Australia

    Right Wrongs: ’67 Referendum

    0 Online Exhibition | Updated 3 months ago


    On 27 May 1967, Australia voted to change its Constitution.

    The passing of this referendum enabled Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders to be counted in the national census and to be subject to Commonwealth laws, rather than just state laws.

    90.77% of Australians voted 'Yes', the largest ever affirmative vote in Australian referendum history.

    The Right Wrongs: '67 Referendum project is a partnership between the Western Australian Museum, State Library of Western Australia and Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

    Right Wrongs: ’67 Referendum exhibition website

  • Beneath the Waves interactive online documentary WA Museum

    Beneath the Waves

    0 Online Exhibition | Updated 1 years ago

    One of the biggest marine biodiversity surveys in the world, led by researchers from the Western Australian Museum, has been turned into an interactive online documentary with multiple layers of learning thanks to production company Periscope Pictures and funding from ScreenWest.

    Beneath the Waves exhibition website

  • Dirk Hartog

    This website commemorates the 400th anniversary of the first recorded European landing on the west Australian coast.

  • 4 circular baskets in a row Image copyright WA Museum


    0 Online Exhibition | Updated 3 years ago

    As one of the most widely spread cultural practices in the world, basketry is more than a simple technology. Malleable, tangible, and mutable, baskets and the technique of basketry can represent the identity of a weaver, their cultural practices, and a discovery of art form.

    Intertwined exhibition website

  • A montage of face portraits Various copyrighted images

    WA Faces

    0 Online Exhibition | Updated 3 years ago

    We are all Western Australian.

    We each have stories about who we are, our connections to family, friends and Country, and how we came to live and work in Western Australia.

    Each face has a story to tell.

    Join the WA Faces album; share your portrait and your story and help us show the world what it means to be Western Australian.

    WA Faces exhibition website

  • New Museum Logo

    New Museum

    0 Online Exhibition | Updated 3 years ago

    The New Museum for Western Australia is one of the most significant museum redevelopments in the world today, and one of which all Western Australians should be incredibly proud. 
    As it evolves the Museum will play a significant part in redefining our city and our State, showcasing Western Australia’s people, history and environment to the world.
    Our Museum will be a place for all Western Australians to reflect and explore their identity, culture and sense of place.

    New Museum exhibition website

  • Diver exploring the wreck of the Batavia

    Month of Shipwrecks

    0 Online Exhibition | Updated 4 years ago

    July 2013 is the Month of Shipwrecks.

    At 9:30am every weekday throughout the month a new video, map, mini-website, photo gallery, lecture, interview or database will be available exclusively on this website to reveal new insights about wrecks such as the Batavia, SS Xantho and James Matthews, or invite you behind-the-scenes to learn about our research and archaeology.


    Month of Shipwrecks exhibition website