World Track Laying Record

Tue 8 May 2018Sun 15 Jul 2018



"A group of men are laying a railroad track in the outback."

World Track Laying Record is a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Torres Strait Islander workers breaking the world record for track laying in the Pilbara.

This display looks at how the railway record was achieved, the heat and isolation of the Pilbara, camp life, and the camaraderie that developed as a community worked to retain their identity while being separated from their land, islands, and families.

This powerful and unique local story is a celebration of the significant contributions the Torres Strait Islander workers made to Australia’s economic and historical landscape, while showing the journey of the Torres Strait Islander community in Western Australia.

This exhibition is presented by the Western Australian Museum and the State Library of Western Australia. Visit this exhibition at the State Library from Tuesday 8 May.

World Track Laying Record  is also available to be viewed as an online exhibition feature.

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Caption: The sun was so hot, the steel on the railway track burnt the workers’ skin. Dampier to Tom Price Railway, 1965.

Credit: Rio Tinto Collections of Photographs, BA2817/1749, State Library of Western Australia