Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-2021

I am pleased to be able to share the Western Australian Museum’s new Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, RAP.

This is the second stage of the Museum’s ‘RAP Journey’ following the publication of our Reflect RAP published in 2015.

The Museum’s Reflect RAP allowed us to evaluate our progress, over many years, towards reconciliation and the recognition of the primary rights of Australia’s first peoples in their cultural heritage.

I am pleased to say, the Museum was able to deliver on all the actions to which it committed in the Reflect RAP. These included the roll out and delivery of Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training to all Museum staff; the development of a Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country policy; an increase in the support and utilisation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses across the Museum, including the stocking of genuine local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander products in all the Museum shops. The Museum also, of course, continues to celebrate and participate in National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week events across all of its locations

An important initiative has been the increase in the numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People employed by the Museum.

This new Innovate RAP now affirms the Western Australian Museum’s commitment to sustainable and meaningful engagement with, and involvement of, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in all that it does. It will challenge the Museum’s staff to develop stronger relationships, promote cross cultural understanding through the development and implementation of cultural learning programs, and provide tangible economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People through diversifying the work force and increased and targeted engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

I would like to thank the ongoing work of the Museum’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee and the members of the Museum’s RAP Working Group.

I am proud to continue my role as the Museum’s RAP Champion and will continue to commit this organisation to the principles of reconciliation, social justice, equity and human rights.

Alec Coles

Chief Executive Officer
Western Australian Museum

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