Teacher Resources

Western Australian Museum, Perth

The Western Australian Museum, located within the Perth Cultural Centre, gives students the opportunity to view the flora and fauna of the Dampier Archipelago firsthand. The Dampier Marine Gallery gives an overview of the archipelago and its features. The gallery is divided into the five habitat types of the Dampier Archipelago and has examples of the organisms found within each habitat on display. It enables students to develop an understanding of the diversity of marine flora and fauna in the Dampier region. The gallery also provides a brief introduction into the research initiative between the Western Australian Museum and Woodside Energy Ltd.

The Western Australian Museum also offers a range of educational programs for school groups. For further information please visit museum.wa.gov.au/explore/education

Educational Film & Documentary

Two documentaries relating to research in the Dampier Archipelago, undertaken by the Western Australian Museum, are available. 

Our Backyard’ (Duration 31:31) is an educational film designed for school students and presented by two students from the area.

The second  documentary, ‘Life on the Edge: Down Under’ (Duration: 47:41) is for general viewing. This documentary is accompanied by a Teacher Resource Package which is a valuable teaching aid providing direction for further assignment research and incorporates a list of additional resources, dvds, exhibitions, websites and books.

The two documentaries give a fascinating account of the marine life and habitats of the Dampier Archipelago and methods used by researchers.