Life on the Edge Down Under

Video | Updated 3 years ago

Today, a busy port servicing gas refineries and mineral-ore processing continues to develop in the Dampier. It provides scientists from the Western Australian Museum with the unique opportunity to observe and document the effects of industry on the surrounding natural habitats and marine wildlife.

Journey through natural and man-made habitats as the researchers reveal the expected and the unexpected. Looking at both the common and the bizarre, the scientists observe and study wildlife, from sharks to shrimps and worms to whales.

What scientists discover suggests that it may be possible for people and wildlife to coexist. But one accident and much of the marine life could be destroyed.

This documentary is accompanied by a Teacher Resource which is a valuable teaching aid providing direction for further assignment research and incorporates a list of additional resources, dvds, exhibitions, websites and books.

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Dampier is truly a place where life exists on the edge.

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