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Every year, the Western Australian Museum undertakes valuable research to help understand and study the natural world and social history of our unique state. The Museum also runs dozens of public programs, holds numerous exhibitions and provides outreach services to the entire state.

We currently hold over 4.5 million artefacts collected over 120 years of operation. The Museum possesses some amazing items, including a blue whale skeleton, some of the first evidence of life on Earth, and pre-solar system diamonds.

The resources and energy required to run our network and activities is immense.

Your support will help us continue to undertake research, develop new programs, and provide services for the benefit of all West Australians.

Nullarbor Cave Expedition
Nullarbor Cave Expedition
Photo by Clay Bryce
Copyright the Western Australian Museum

There are many ways to get involved and support the Museum.

If you have any specific questions about the Museum, or how you can help support it, please contact Western Australian Museum Foundation:

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