A new troglomorphic species of Austrochthonius (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) from Australia, with remarks on Chthonius caecus

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 1 years ago

ABSTRACT – A new species of the chthoniid genus Austrochthonius Chamberlin is described and named from the Ludlow region of southern Western Australia. Austrochthonius strigosus sp. nov. exhibits some strong troglomorphic adaptations such as eye loss, elongate pedipalps and pallid colouration. Chthonius caecus Tullgren, 1909, a junior homonym, and its replacement name Sathrochthonius tuIlgreni Chamberlin,1962, are transferred to Austrochthonius. A new replacement name, Austrochthonius muchmorei, is provided, as A. tullgreni is a junior secondary homonym of A. tullgreni (Beier, 1931).

Author(s) Mark S. Harvey and Lee G. Mould
Records 23 : Part 2
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