World War II Submarine Veteran Oral History - Max Shean (DSO* RANR Rtd)

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Several people standing in front of a moored submarine
Max Shean DSO* (2nd from right) with the X-Craft Blue Bell behind him at the maritime museum in Gosport, England
Image copyright of WA Museum

In this interview, Max Shean outlines the evolution of small submarines in the Royal Navy during World War II, what they were like, the training of their crews, the operations performed and finally, his personal reflections. He makes special reference to Australians involved.

The RAN had no submarines in WWII but there were many Australian submariners. Max Shean was a veteran of the X-Craft, a four-man midget submarine that contributed greatly to the allies’ success during WWII. Shean is also the author of ‘Corvettes and Submarines’ which he published in 1992.

Download a transcript of the interview. Download a paper prepared to accompany the talk.

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