Further Reading

Seashells of Western Australia

Fred Wells and Clayton Bryce

One of the exciting aspects of collecting shells is a chance a new one will be discovered! This field guide, with over 600 colour photos of shells found in WA, will help you identify your collection. Chapters tell when and where to collect, how to clean the shells and how to look after your collection.

Sea Slugs of Western Australia

F. Wells and C. Bryce

A must for divers and includes chapters on what is a sea slug; when and where to find them and over 200 colour plates of these strange, unique creatures.

A Field Guide to Crustaceans of Australian Waters (2nd Edition)

D. Jones and G. Morgan

A comprehensive guide to the known crustaceans of Australia. Contains images of species along with descriptions, habitats and distributions.

Marine Fishes of Tropical Australia and S.E. Asia

Gerald Allen

A must-have fishing guide for anglers and divers with descriptions and colour illustrations of 1,635 species found in northern waters from Shark Bay to the Great Barrier Reef and the Indonesian-Malaysian Archipelago. Includes chapters on the biology and ecology of reef fishes; fish photographs; dangerous fish and an edibility guide.