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HMAS Sydney (II)

Port side view of white HMAS Sydney (II) viewed from a distance at sea
Port side view of white HMAS Sydney (II)
Image copyright WA Museum
Type Modified Leander Class Light Cruiser
Laid Down 8 July 1933
Launched 22 September 1934
Commissioned 24 September 1935
Builder Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd, Wallsend on Tyne, England
Motto I take but I surrender (the badge and motto for Sydney I & II was taken from the City of Sydney)
Displacement 6,830 Tonnes
Length 532 feet 3 inches
Beam 56 feet 8 inches
Armament 8 x 6" guns
4 x 4" guns
12 x 0.5" machine guns, in three quad mounts
12 x .303" Lewis Guns
8 x 21" torpedo tubes, in 2 quad mounts
Horsepower 72,000
Speed 32.5 knots
Complement 645

Commanding Officers

24 September 1935 Captain JUP FitzGerald RN
9 October 1937 Captain JWA Waller RN
16 November 1939 Captain JA Collins RAN
14 May 1941 Captain J Burnett RAN


HSK Kormoran

Diagram of the Steiermark and HSK Kormoran conversion depicting bow and stern
Diagram of the Steiermark and HSK Kormoran conversion
Image copyright WA Museum
Type Hilfskreuzer (Auxilliary Cruiser / Raider)
Laid Down As The Hamburg-Amerika Line Steiermark
Launched 15 September 1938
Commissioned 9 October 1940
Builder Krupp-Germaniawerft, Kiel, Germany
Displacement 8,736 Tonnes
Length 515 feet
Beam 66 feet
Armament 6 x 5.9" guns, range 18,100 yards
5 x 20mm anti-aircraft guns
2 x 37mm anti-aircraft guns
6 x 21" torpedo tubes, 2 below the waterline
390 Mines
2 x Arado 196 seaplanes
Horsepower 16,000
Speed 19 knots
Complement c.400

Commanding Officers

Fregattenkapitän, later Korvettenkapitän Theodor Detmers

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