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Image courtesy of HJ Watson Collection Western Australian Museum
Launch of HMAS Sydney (II), 22 September 1934
  1. Launch of the HMAS Sydney (II), 22 September 19341933

    July 8
    Construction of HMAS Sydney (II) begins in Newcastle England

  2. Launch of the HMAS Sydney (II), 22 September 19341934

    September 22
    HMAS Sydney (II) launched

  3. HMAS Sydney (II) Bow on view1935

    September 24
    HMAS Sydney

  4. HMAS Sydney (II) starboard side view1936

    August 2
    HMAS Sydney (II) arrived in Australia

  5. Port side view of white Sydney1940

    HMAS Sydney (II) sailed to Colombo and on to the Mediterranean Sea

  6. Smoke billows from a ship1940

    Bombardment of Bardia: HMAS Sydney (II) effectively sinks the enemy destroyer Bartolomeo Colleoni and severly damages Giovanni delle Bande Nere

  7. HMAS Sydney (II) crew attend to the torpedo deck1940

    July 7
    Battle of Calabria: HMAS Sydney (II) fought

  8. The crew of HMAS Sydney (II) posing through the damaged forward funnel1940

    July 18
    Battle of Cape Spada: HMAS Sydney (II) destroyed two enemy cruisers

  9. HMAS Sydney (II) crew march through Perth, Western Australia in 1936 *1941

    HMAS Sydney (II) returned to Australia and a heroes' welcome*

  10. HMAS Sydney (II) in Perth, Western Australia1941

    November 11
    HMAS Sydney (II) sailed from Fremantle escorting Zealandia to the Sunda Strait

  11. HMAS Sydney (II) port side with Walrus overhead1941

    November 17
    HMAS Sydney (II) turned Zealandia over to Durban for further escort to Singapore

  12. Indian Ocean1941

    November 19
    5.00pm HMAS Sydney (II) encountered unknown ship in the Indian Ocean, 120 nautical miles west of Shark Bay
    6.00pm Unknown ship sends a message using alias Straat Malakka
    6.15pm HMAS Sydney (II) less than a mile distant from unknown ship
    6.30pm Unknown ship revealed to be German HSK Kormoran, opened fire with all armaments hitting Sydney
    6.45pm HMAS Sydney (II) fired torpedoes, which missed
    7.00pm HSK Kormoran fired torpedo, missing the Sydney
    7.25pm HSK Kormoran fired last shot at range 11,000 metres
    11.00pm Distant glare and flickerings as HMAS Sydney (II) disappeared

  13. Indian Ocean1941

    November 20
    12.35am HSK Kormoran exploded and sank

  14. Lifeboat containing German survivors1941

    November 23-25
    HSK Kormoran survivors picked up in life boats by various ships and on land. Royal Australian Navy alerted to Sydney's disappearance. Search commenced

  15. Christmas Island1942

    The 'Unknown Sailor' found in a liferaft and Christmas Island

  16. David Mearns and the FSF would lead the search2001-2006

    The Finding Sydney Foundation commenced work in 2001 to find the HMAS Sydney (II). In 2003/4 David Mearns was approached. The Western Australian Museum and Royal Australian Navy were also involved in the search for HMAS Sydney (II).

  17. 5.9 inch gun situated in No. 2 hold, trained 135deg to starboard2008

    March 12
    5.30pm Wreck of the HSK Kormoran found

  18. Shell exit hole in mild steel plate. Possibly wreckage from A turret2008

    March 16
    11.03am Wreck of HMAS Sydney found

  19. 5.9 inch gun situated in No. 2 hold, trained 135deg to starboard2015

    New images and footage shed light on the final moments of the Sydney