Arid Zone Frogs

Rolling dry hard ground with small water oasis under a harsh hot sun
Arid Zone
Image copyright WA Museum

The Frog Finder keys in this section contain short descriptions of the main distinguishing features to help you identify arid zone frogs by sight and sound. The arid zone frogs are the least known of all WA frogs. This is due to their remoteness, and that when it rains and the frogs all come out to breed, people cannot get to them because of the lack of sealed roads.

The Northern Sandhill Frog near Shark Bay breeds in winter and spring and has direct-developing young (no tadpole stage). All the other arid zone species breed in response to infrequent storms, especially when cyclones travel south from the Timor Sea during the wet season (November - March). The tadpoles complete development rapidly as ponds do not last long in the arid zone. Species just outside the southwest (e.g., Western Toadlet) may breed in response to winter rains.

Map showing the Arid Zone region

Frogs of the arid zone region