Derby Toadlet

Uperoleia aspera Tyler, Davies & Martin 1981

Species Info Card | Updated 7 years ago

A moderate-sized species lacking teeth, and possessing moderately developed parotoid and inguinal glands. Skin of back roughened by tubercles. The hindlimbs are short with slightly webbed toes. Dorsal surface dull brown bearing small and diffuse darker patches. Males 24–35 mm; females 29–34 mm S-V.

Breeding Biology

Presumably similar to other Uperoleia, with aquatic eggs and tadpoles taking six to eight weeks to complete development.


Flooded grasslands.


aspera means ‘rough’, alluding to the surface of the dorsal skin.

Distribution map for Derby Toadlet

Kimberley. Dampier Peninsula and southern edge of Yampi Peninsula, extending east to Fitzroy Crossing.

A sharp loud click repeated about three times a second.