Blacksoil Toadlet

Uperoleia trachyderma Tyler, Davies & Martin 1981

Species Info Card | Updated 7 years ago

A relatively flattened species with a dense covering of small conical tubercles on the back. The legs are short, the toes long and unwebbed and the metatarsal digging tubercles are poorly developed. No teeth. The back is a dull slatey brown with obscure darker markings, the dorsal glands are sometimes bright yellowish cream and the tubercles orange. The thigh patches are vivid orange red and are extensive so that they nearly connect on the top of the thigh. Throat and undersurfaces white, pigmented with grey. Up to 3 cm long.

Breeding Biology

Males call away from water or in very shallow water in flooded grasslands on blacksoil or sandy plains.


Blacksoil plains in the savannah country of the southern Kimberley.


trachyderma means 'rough skinned'.


Previously only known from around Kununurra, this species was recently found to occur as far west as Fitzroy Crossing in the south-central Kimberley.

Distribution map for Blacksoil Toadlet

Kimberley region. Occurs as far west as Fitzroy Crossing and extending east through to Kununurra. Also occurs in the Northern Territory.

A short creak.