Southwest – Swan Coastal Plain Frogs

River running besides a field with long grasses growing at waters edge
Swan Coastal Plain Top
Image copyright WA Museum

An ancient sandy plain formed by the sea in ages past stretches from Jurien to the north of Perth down to Bunbury in the south. The Swan Coastal Plain is made up of deep sandy soils but supports a large number of lakes and swamps.

Eight different species of frogs are commonly found in these habitats, including the Motorbike Frog and Slender Tree Frog - the two main inhabitants of Perth backyard ponds. The Squelching Froglet only occurs in this region.

Popular places to go 'frogging' in the area are Herdsman Lake, Perry Lakes and Piney Lakes, but good populations can be encountered wherever there is an unpolluted waterbody with decent native vegetation.

Map showing the south west region

Frogs of the Swan Coastal Plain region