Southwest Frogs

The Frog Finder keys are short descriptions with the main features listed to help you identify a frog on sight and by region. The Southwest Frog Finder divides the area in to 5 regions.

We chose these regions based on a Perth-centric view of the southwest. This explains the 2 regions that comprise the Perth frog fauna (Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Range).

The Southwest Forests of WA is a special place for frogs, with many species with small ranges in ancient forests. This region contains WA's most endangered frogs - the white and yellow-bellied frogs and the sunset frog. The Wheatbelt region host many arid-adapted frogs in addition to many of the frogs of the Perth region. The North Coast has several species particular to the region such as the sandhill frogs.

Map showing the south west region

Frogs of the Southwest region