Southwest – North Coast Frogs

Large expanse of water with trees on the horizon
SW North Coast Right
Image copyright WA Museum

The coast north of Perth has many species adapted to living on sand, especially the Sandhill Frogs, Turtle Frog and Sand Frog. Two arid-adapted Neobatrachus occur in this region (the Shoemaker and Plonking Frogs) and other species occur just outside (the Wheatbelt and Tawny Trilling Frogs).

The two species of Sandhill Frogs are endemic to this region and have restricted distributions between Geraldton and Shark Bay.

This region also hosts many reptiles that have speciated in this region, owing to the mosaic of sandy regions and intermittent flooding and drying over millions of years.

Map showing the south west region

Frogs of the North Coast region