Kimberley Frogs

Rushing river running through a lanscape of massive burning red rocks
Image copyright WA Museum

The Frog Finder keys in this section are short descriptions of the main distinguishing features to help you identify Kimberley frogs by sight and sound.

The Kimberley Frog Finder is an ongoing work, with some of the more remote species to be added when we know more about them and their habits.

All Kimberley species are known to breed in the wet season (November - March), and many of the more arid-adapted species (e.g., Notaden) will breed in response to rainfall at other times of the year.  Several Kimberley species penetrate in to the Arid zone (e.g., Giant Frog, Long-footed Frog, Green Tree Frog), with the Little Red Tree Frog common to both regions.

Map showing the Kimberley region

Frogs of the Kimberley region