Fantastic Pharaohs!

Special Event | Updated 5 years ago

Close-up view of a dog-like Egyptian statue
Secrets of the Afterlife exhibition
Image courtesy WA Museum

Step back in time to Ancient Egypt at the Western Australian Museum — Perth these July holidays!

Discovery Centre and Hackett Hall
Dates: 6 - 21 July
Times: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Ages: All ages
Cost: Free - $4
Bookings: Bookings only required for groups 10+ on 9427 2836

Discover the magical world of tombs and temples where you can help construct a pyramid, act out a mummification ritual, and explore the sights and smells of the market place. Get crafty with your own decorated Pharaoh’s crown, ward against peril with an enchanted protective amulet, try your hand at writing hieroglyphics, and meet fantastical animal gods on our self-guided trail. Don’t forget to visit the exhibition to learn the Secrets of the Afterlife.

Crowning Glory: Golden Mummy Mask
Cost: $4
Age: 3+
Bookings: Not required

Decorate your own Pharaoh's mummy mask with fabulous colours and act like a royal Egyptian.

Cost: $2
Age: 3+
Bookings: Not Required

Ward against peril with an enchanted protective amulet - thread it and add decorative beads to wear.

Cost: $0.50
Age: 7+
Bookings: Not required

Practice writing your name in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and make a gorgeous cartouche (a name in a frame) bookmark to take home.

Cost: Free
Age: All ages
Bookings: Not required

Step back in time to Ancient Egypt, dress up as a god, construct a huge cardboard pyramid and help perform a mummification ritual.

Cost: Free
Age: 3+
Bookings: Not required

Discover the smells, sights and objects of everyday life in Ancient Egypt.

Cost: Free
Age: 5+
Bookings: Not required

Meet the fantastical gods of Ancient Egypt as you gather hieroglyphs through the Museum to decipher the secret location of the afterlife.

NOTE: these activities do not include entry into Secrets of the Afterlife. Ticket pricing and bookings can be found on the Secrets of the Afterlife website.