Western Australian Triplectidinae (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae): descriptions of the female of Triplectides niveipennis and larvae belonging to four genera

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ABSTRACT – Larvae of Condocerus aptus, Notoperata tenax, Symphitoneuria wheeleri, Triplectides niveipennis, and Triplectides enthesis are described for the first time. The female of Triplectides niveipennis is also described for the first time. Variation in larvae and adults of Triplectides niveipennis is discussed, together with unusual characters in the larvae requiring redefinition of the genus. Minor changes to the generic descriptions of Condocerus, Notoperata and Symphitoneuria are also made.

Author(s) Rosalind. M. St Clair
Records 21 : Part 2
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