Two new species of peacock spider of the Maratus mungaich species-group (Araneae: Salticidae) from south-western Australia

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 10 months ago

ABSTRACT – Following the redefinition of the Banksia Peacock Spider, Maratus mungaich, and the recognition of four related species in the M. mungaich species-group, two more new species can be added to this group: Maratus hortorum sp. nov. was previously misidentified as M. mungaich Waldock, 1995 but it is here recognised as a distinct species; and M. madelineae sp. nov. has been found occurring in the gap created by the reduced distribution of M. mungaich and the five more southern species (M. karrie Waldock, 2013, M. melindae Waldock, 2013, M. sarahae Waldock 2013, M. caeruleus Waldock, 2013, and M. avibus Otto and Hill, 2014a). These new species are herewith described.

Author(s) Julianne M. Waldock
Records 29 : Part 2
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