Two new species of Gehyra (Squamata: Gekkonidae) geckos from the north-west Kimberley region of Western Australia

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 1 years ago

ABSTRACT – Recent surveys in the Kimberley region of Western Australia have provided new material to reassess species diversity in the gecko genus Gehyra. Here we focus on morphological and molecular genetic variation within the G. occidentalis and G. xenopus groups. We first describe a new small-bodied species that has a wedge of granules between the lamellae on the basal part of the toe pads, similar to that seen in G. xenopus. This new species has a dorsal pattern comprising transverse rows of dark and light spots or lines on a dull reddish-brown background and genetically is not closely related to G. xenopus. The second new species is supported as closely related to G. occidentalis, but differs by being smaller in body size and having more than 40 precloacal and femoral pores in adult males, darker background colouration and pattern with thick dark lines and pale spots or bars (v. large dark and pale spots). These findings further add to the large number of endemic species known from the rugged, high rainfall zone of the north-west Kimberley.

Author(s) Paul Doughty, Russell Palmer, Mark J. Sistrom, Aaron M. Bauer and Stephen C. Donnellan
Records 27 : Part 2
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