Tetrapocillon (Demospongiae: Poecilosclerida: Guitarridae) in Australia, with the description of a new species

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ABSTRACTTetrapocillon patbergquistae sp. nov. is described from Australia. The new species forms thick encrustations to low mounds, it has a soft and fragile texture, and is distinguished from other species of the genus by the presence of two different size classes of tetrapocilli and by small spiny isochelae. Two species, T. novaezealandiae Brøndsted and T. minor Pulitzer-Finali are reported from Australia for the first time, and are redescribed with reference to type and new material. A neotype is designated for T. novaezealandiae. The only other presently recognized extant species worldwide, T. kurushimensis Tanita and T. atlanticus Van Soest are discussed in relation to the Australian species.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, systematics, sponges, Porifera.

Author(s) J. Fromont, B. Alvarez, O. Gomez and E. Roberts
Records 26 : Part 1
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