A systematic revision of the family Harpetidae (Trilobita)

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ABSTRACT – The systematics of the ten valid harpetid trilobite genera are reviewed. Seven are revised, using standard parsimony and three-item analysis. The monophyly of the Harpetidae is confirmed, and all ingroup genera can be defended as monophyletic groups except for the nonmonophyletic Scotoharpes group. Emended diagnoses are provided for all the genera within the family. The three subfamilies Dolichoharpinae, Eoharpetinae and Harpetinae are supressed within the Harpetidae. The genera Australoharpes and Sinoharpes are placed in synonymy with Dubhglasina. Thorslundops and Wegelinia are placed in synonymy with Hibbertia, and the subgenus Fritchaspis placed in synonymy with Lioharpes. Reticuloharpes and Helioharpes are placed in synonymy with Harpes. The Harpetidae, along with the Entomaspididae and Harpididae, is considered to belong in the Harpetida, which is herein raised to ordinal rank within the subclass Libristoma.

Author(s) Malte C. Ebach and Kenneth J. McNamara
Records 21 : Part 3
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