Silicified Eocene molluscs from the Lower Murchison district, Southern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

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ABSTRACT – Silicified Middle to Late Eocene shallow water sandstones outcropping in the Lower Murchison District near Kalbarri township contain a silicified fossil fauna including foraminifera, sponges, bryozoans, solitary corals, brachiopods, echinoids and molluscs. The known molluscan fauna consists of 51 species, comprising 2 cephalopods, 14 bivalves, 1 scaphopod and 34 gastropods. Of these taxa three are newly described, Cerithium wilya, Zeacolpus bartoli, and Lyria lamellatoplicata. 25 of these molluscs are identical to or closely comparable with taxa from the southern Australian Eocene. The occurrence of this fauna extends the Southeast Australian Province during the Eocene from southwest Western Australia along the west coast north to at least 27° present day south latitude; consequently the province is here renamed the Southern Australian Province.

Author(s) Thomas A. Darragh and George W. Kendrick
Records 24 : Part 3
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