Revision of the genus Dasyhesma Michener (Apoidea: Colletidae: Euryglossinae)

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 11 months ago

ABSTRACT The endemic Australian bee genus Dasyhesma known from two species is revised with the following nineteen (19) species described as new: D. albula, D. argentea, D. areola D. aurea, D. baeckea, D. boharti, D. brevipalpa, D. clypeata, D. coolgardensis, D. depressa, D. dilata, D. forrestii, D. galbina, D. lepidophyllae, D. muelleriana, D. scholtziae, D. simulata, D. spicata, D. syntoma. All 21 species are known only from Western Australia.

Author(s) Elizabeth M. Exley
Records 22 : Part 2
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