Psammophilous halacarids (Halacaridae, Acari) from Dampier, Western Australia. Description of species and faunal comparison of the mesopsammal halacarid fauna of western and eastern Australia

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ABSTRACT – Twelve species of halacarid mites were extracted from tidal and subtidal sandy deposits and coral fragments in the tropical Dampier area, Western Australia, The genera and number of species (in parentheses) are: Actacarus (2), Anomalohalacarus (1), Arhodeoporus (1), Copidognathus (1), Scapthognathides (2), Scapthognathus (1), and Simognathus (4), All species are diagnosed and four species, new to science, are described, viz. Actacarlls festivus sp. nov. Anomalohalacarus dampierensis sp. nov., Simognathus salebrosus sp. nov., and Simognathus tener sp, nov, Seven of the twelve species are known from the Indo-Pacific region, from warm-temperate Western Australia, tropical eastern coast of Australia, Hawaiian Islands, and / or off Chile.

Author(s) Ilse Bartsch
Records 22 : Part 1
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