Paramonacanthus oblongus, the correct name for the Indo-Pacific fish currently called P. japonicus, with a recommendation on the nomenclature of Stephanolepis cirrhifer (Tetraodontiformes, Monacanthidae)

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INTRODUCTION – Members of the monacanthid genus Paramonacanthus Bleeker are small fishes (commonly known as leatherjackets and filefishes) that inhabit flat silty and sandy bottoms throughout the lndo-West Pacific. The genus was recently revised by Hutchins (1997), who recognised 11 species. Among these was P. japonicus (Tilesius, 1810) from the eastern Indian and West Pacific Oceans. However, we have since discovered that Tilesius's name is preoccupied and here correct the nomenclature of the species, as well as provide a new recommendation concerning Stephanolepis cirrhifer (Schlegel, 1850) from Japan and China.

Author(s) Anthony C. Gill and J. Barry Hutchins
Records 21 : Part 1
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