A new species of troglobitic Anatemnus (Pseudoscorpiones: Atemnidae) from the Pilbara bioregion of Australia

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ABSTRACT – A new species of the pseudoscorpion genus Anatemnus, A. subvastus, is described from subterranean environments in the Pilbara bioregion of Western Australia. Like Oratemnus cavernicola from New South Wales, it lacks eye spots, and has slightly elongated appendages and pallid colouration. It is known from only a small area of less than 20 km2. We also attribute Oratemnus cavernicola to the genus Anatemnus, forming the new combination Anatemnus cavernicola (Beier, 1976), but note that the generic assignment of both species should be reviewed pending an assessment of all genera of Atemninae.

Author(s) Jason B. Alexander, Mieke A.A. Burger and Mark S. Harvey
Records 29 : Part 2
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