New species of the genus Trivellona (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Miocene of Australia

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ABSTRACT – Three new species of fossil Triviidae Trivellona darraghi sp. nov., Trivellona kendricki sp. nov. and Trivellona lochi sp. nov. – are described from the Balcombian of the Otway Basin, Victoria. The Australian fossil species involve the largest recorded size for Triviidae. Recent Triviidae are always less than 30 mm with most species generally less than 10 mm although Trivellona darraghi reaches almost 50 mm. These new species differ from the Bairnsdalian Trivellona avellanoides (McCoy, 1867) by their more numerous and more close-set shell ribs.

Author(s) Dirk Fehse and Jozef Grego
Records 24 : Part 2
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