A new species of fruit bat (Megachiroptera: Pteropodidae: Thoopterus) from Sulawesi and adjacent islands, Indonesia

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ABSTRACT: A new species of fruit bat in the genus Thoopterus, T. suhaniahae, is described from Sulawesi, Talaud and Wowoni Islands in Indonesia. The new species differs from T. nigrescens in having larger cranial, dental, mandibular, external measurements, and a wider calcar. In addition, the tail of the new species is absent or reduced to a rudiment, a quarter to a half of the under face of the uropatagium is sparsely furred and the urethal aperture of the glans penis lacks a conspicuous scale-like projection. The new species is sympatric with T. nigrescens and is known from elevations of 60–2,100 m above sea level.

Author(s) Ibnu Maryanto, Mohamad Yani, Siti Nuramaliati Prijono and Sigit Wiantoro
Records 27 : Part 1
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