A new species of Calantica from Western Australian waters (Thoracica: Scalpellomorpha: Calanticidae)

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 1 years ago

ABSTRACT – A new calanticid species from the tropical waters of Western Australian waters, epizoic on a gorgonian, is described. The presence of 13 capitular plates with apical umbones, arranged in two whorls, narrow peduncular scales and uniarticulate caudal appendages, as well as the attachment site of the complemental males, warrant this species for inclusion within Calantica. Key characters which distinguish the present species from other members of Calantica include the form of the scutum and upper latus, and the elongate rostrolatus and carinolatus, which displace the upper latus from the peduncular margin. Therefore, a new species is proposed and is accordingly named Calantica darwini sp. nov.

KEYWORDS: stalked barnacle, gorgonian, epibiont, Port Hedland, Rowley Shoals

Author(s) Diana S. Jones and Andrew M. Hosie
Records 25 : Part 3
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