A new genus of Candoninae (Crustacea, Ostracoda, Candonidae) from the subterranean waters of southwestern Western Australia

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ABSTRACT – A new ostracod genus, Acandona gen. nov., is described from subterranean waters of south-western Western Australia. Unlike other Australian Candoninae, it shows great similarities with some Holarctic genera, especially with the genus Pseudocandona Kaufmann, 1900. The two species known are described: Acandona admiratio sp. nov. and A. memoria sp. nov. The first species is characerized by the presence of "Tf" and "Tg" setae on the penultimate segment of the cleaning leg. The latter species lacks the "Tf" seta, but has a variable number of setae (two or three) on the basal segment of the same leg. Both new species have a characteristic hemipenis, which clearly separates them from other known Candoninae species.

Author(s) Ivana Karanovic
Records 21 : Part 4
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