New genera and species of subterranean Anilline Bembidiini from the Pilbara, northwestern Australia (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Bembidiini: Anillina)

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ABSTRACT – Six new genera and 17 new species of the carabid tribe Bembidiini, subtribe Anillina, are described from the Pilbara in north-western Australia and from inland southern Western Australia: Macranillus gen. nov.: M. bennetti sp. nov., M. magnus sp. nov., M. maini sp. nov., M. pearsoni sp. nov., M. quartermainei sp. nov.; Pilbaranillus gen. nov.: P. latibasis sp. nov.; Gracilanillus gen. nov.: G. cockingi sp. nov., G. cordatus sp. nov., G. currani sp. nov., G. longulus sp. nov., G. minutus sp. nov., G. vixsulcatus sp. nov.; Hesperanillus gen. nov.: H. bicostatus sp. nov., H. laticollis sp. nov., H. scanloni sp. nov.; Externalillus gen. nov.; E. mcraeae sp. nov.; Angustanillus gen. nov.: A. striatipennis sp. nov. The new species were detected in the course of surveys for the subterranean fauna in mining areas and were collected using two techniques: scraping and trapping. All species are blind and depigmented, character states which usually are connected with subterranean or cavicolous habits. Keys are provided for the genera of the Australian Anillina and for the species of Macranillus, Gracilanillus, and Hesperanillus. Some considerations about relationships of the new genera and species are presented.

Author(s) Martin Baehr and Dean Main
Records 31 : Part 2
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