The millipede genus Antichiropus (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae), part 2: species of the Great Western Woodlands region of Western Australia

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ABSTRACT – The species of the millipede genus Antichiropus found in the Great Western Woodlands region of southern Western Australia are reviewed, and 30 new species are described. The new species are: A. alastairi, A. alatus, A. anconus, A. axicius, A. baudini, A. buchanorum, A. cavernus, A. cincinnus, A. cuspis, A. digitatus, A. equinus, A. exclamatus, A. framenaui, A. giganteus, A. howardi, A. incomptus, A. inflatus, A. inopinatus, A. kealleyi, A. lacustrinus, A. laticlavius, A. nadineae, A. paracalothamnus, A. rex, A. sagittulus, A. saxatilis, A. serratus, A. simpulus, A. succedaneus and A. westi. This raises the number of known species in the genus to 39, with most of the new species having ranges less than 10,000 km2, thus qualifying as short-range endemics.

Author(s) Catherine A. Car and Mark S. Harvey
Records 29 : Part 1
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