Lariniophora, a new monotypic orb-weaving spider genus from Australia (Araneae: Araneidae: Araneinae)

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ABSTRACT – A new monotypic genus of orb-weaving spider (Araneidae Clerck, 1758) within the subfamily Araneinae Clerck, 1758 is established: Lariniophora, with L. ragnhildae (Strand, 1917) as type and sole species. The somatic morphology of Lariniophora is similar to Larinia Simon, 1874 and allied genera, however, their genitalia differ considerably. A phylogenetic analysis established close a relationship between Lariniophora and Eriophora Simon, 1864 with which it shares a paramedian apophysis as a long basal extension of the conductor in the male pedipalp. The epigyne is unique within the Araneidae and is composed of an elevated plate and a narrow long scape. Specimens of L. ragnhildae have mainly been found in arid regions of Western Australia but also in the Northern Territory, Queensland, and South Australia. Here these spiders built a conventional orb-web in low shrubs and grassland. Mature spiders have been found between February and October suggesting reproductive activity in winter.

Author(s) Volker W. Framenau
Records 26 : Part 2
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