The first troglomorphic pseudoscorpion of the family Olpiidae (Pseudoscorpiones), with remarks on the composition of the family

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ABSTRACT – A new genus and species of Olpiidae, Linnaeolpium linnaei, is described from a pisolite mesa in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The sole specimen exhibits troglomorphic facies with highly reduced eyes, pallid colouration and slightly attenuated appendages, differing from all other cavedwelling olpiids which lack troglomorphic facies. The affinities of the new genus are difficult to determine, but it is most similar to a group of genera characterised by the position of trichobothrium isb: Pseudohorus, Austrohorus, Xenolpium, Euryolpium and possibly Heterolpium. The family Olpiidae is divided into two subfamilies, Olpiinae and IIesperolpiinae.

Author(s) Mark S. Harvey and Mei Chen Leng
Records 24 : Part 4
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